Blass has the need to implement in Chile, the technologies and innovations that are constantly and rapidly developing in the world to face the effects of climate change, particularly the water crisis that the planet has and that is present in our country, almost a decade ago.

The professional team of Blass has Engineers experts in the management of water resources, highly committed to the development of projects that seek solutions to the existing gap between the needs of water users and the technical tools available in the world to efficiently manage the resource.

The technological portfolio of Blass allows us to develop solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, accompanying them in the complete process of the technological solution, from its technical and economic evaluation, as well as in the process of cultural change necessary to obtain the maximum benefit from the technologies.


Be the expert partner in the technological management of water users, on their way to the implementation of Smart Water Networks


incorporate state-of-the-art technology and innovations in water networks, taking the information they generate and transforming it into value for its operators


  • Optimize efficiency in the distribution, collection and treatment of water

  • Ensure quality standards in water supply to end users

  • Support companies in their development plans and operating water networks

  • Guide companies in the management of change associated with technological innovations