TaKaDú is a world leader in integrated event management solution, empowering companies to efficiently manage health services their networks by optimizing tactical and strategic decisions. TaKaDu allows companies to respond to network problems ("events") in real time and manage the event of full life cycle: from detection through categorization and classification, prioritization, resource allocation until closing.

Covering all the remote monitoring needs of its clients, Ayyeka solutions were designed to facilitate efficient management of water networks through latest sensors technology, transmission and information management platform. The digital platform provides a fully integrated monitoring solution, which adapts seamlessly with any water network, sending real-time information to the customers.

 Kamstrup A/S is a high-tech company founded in 1946, whose headquarters is in Denmark, near the town of Skanderborg. Kamstrup is one of the world's leading manufacturers of system solutions with energy meters for electric and thermal energy and ultrasonic smart water meters. 

Bacsoft, founded in 2002 in Israel, is a leading provider of comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the industrial sector, which offer stable and secure remote connectivity, and produce applications simply, quickly and at low cost. With Bacsoft, companies can quickly connect their existing infrastructure and mobile Internet devices to Industrial and build applications that monitor and control their remote operations. Technology Bacsoft dramatically simplifies connectivity projects Machine to Machine (M2M) and enables companies worldwide, from water industries and agriculture to energy and telecommunications, increase business agility and reduce operating costs .

Improve business processes through the successful introduction of technologies, it brings a great opportunity to optimize the performance of organizations, achieve operational efficiency and standardize the operation of enterprises. G&A Consultores has over 25 years of experience in improving business processes of companies through the introduction of technology, which has enabled it to become the expert advisor to various government and private organizations.

Triple+ is a leading manufacturer of solutions within the IoT industry, offering solutions to prevent property damage and losses due to gas leaks and water. Its broad product portfolio allows access solutions in homes and industry. The water shutoff valves by Triple+ are designed to have control over consumption and water leaks.

A key step in achieving the most efficient water management is to know how much is being consumed, is why Spire Metering Technologies offers a wide and varied range of products that allow monitoring and controlling the flow of water to residential and industrial. The company has positioned itself as a leader in the development of high-tech flowmeters, adaptable to all conditions.